Wedding Cakes & Favours

Handcrafted sugar rosesYour wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and everything should be bespoke to the couple.  Joanne designs each cake individually taking into consideration any likes, hobbies, designs or styles which may be incorporated into the wedding.  Cakes can range from single tier to five tier with various flavours and sizes available.  As each cake is unique prices can vary from £150-£600 depending on style.

Why not add that extra touch to your big day and treat your guests to our wedding favours.  The Byres Bakehouse can provide a sweet treats such as handmade chocolates, personalised chocolates or cupcakes.  Prices vary depending on favour and quantity required.

A delivery service is available in order to allow the customer to relax and enjoy their day without the worry of delivering and setting up the cake or favours.  The Byres Bakehouse offers free consultations and tasting for each customer.  Please contact Joanne for further information.